Dear Daisy Dog: Our three dogs sleep under the children’s covers at night. I want to protect the dogs from fleas and ticks, but I don’t want the residue of an insecticidal collar or topical product to get onto my kids’ skin. Is there an oral medication that kills fleas and ticks?

Daisy Responds: Yes, there are a few popular chewable tablets that kill fleas and ticks on dogs.

You may give either NexGard or Simparica monthly. Simparica should be given only to dogs over six months of age and 2.8 pounds because neurologic side effects were seen in tests of young puppies given overdoses of the drug.

Another option, Bravecto, kills fleas and most ticks for 12 weeks but controls lone star ticks for only 8 weeks. In puppies under six months and 4.4 pounds, Bravecto, while safe, is not effective for the full 12 weeks.

These three oral flea and tick products offer additional advantages: They maintain their effectiveness even if your dogs swim daily and are bathed frequently, and they kill skin and ear mites. However, they do not prevent infection by heartworms or intestinal worms, so your dogs will need an additional product to fight those parasites.