Dear Christopher Cat:  My apartment complex will be sprayed for bedbugs soon. I was told that my cat, Nutmeg, and I could return to the apartment four hours later. Will the pesticide dissipate enough in four hours to be safe for a cat’s sensitive body? Can bedbugs live on Nutmeg and re-infest the apartment when we return? Should I treat her?

Christopher Responds: When you return to your apartment four hours after the spraying, ensure that the pesticide spray has dried, and air out your apartment to remove any odor. Then you may bring Nutmeg inside.

Fortunately, she won’t carry bedbugs back to your apartment. Bedbugs live in the environment, not on animals

They climb onto their host – almost always a human rather than a pet – and feed on their blood for less than 10 minutes. Then they leave the host to return to crevices in beds and other furniture.

Therefore, you won’t need to treat Nutmeg. However, if you want to be extra cautious, remove the fabric liner or towel from Nutmeg’s carrier before you take her from the apartment so there’s no place for any insects to hide.