Dear Christopher Cat: I see tiny ticks on my cat’s face, mostly around her eyes. I’m afraid if I try to remove them with tweezers, she’ll move and I’ll hurt her eyes. How can I safely remove the ticks?

Christopher Responds: I suggest a tick spoon, such as a Ticked Off tick puller. It features a V-shaped groove that helps you easily pluck off the tick and a bowl-shaped spoon that catches the tick so you don’t need to touch it. Because the Ticked Off is small and round, it won’t hurt your cat if she moves.

An even better solution is to use a topical liquid or collar that kills fleas and ticks. Some products are applied monthly, such as fipronil, the active ingredient in Frontline Plus and many other flea and tick preventives. Others are used less often: Bravecto every three months, the Seresto collar every eight months.

It’s important not to use your fingers to remove ticks, because some ticks carry bacteria that can penetrate intact skin and cause disease. If you don’t have gloves or a tick puller handy and must use your fingers to remove a tick, wash your hands immediately afterward.