Dear Christopher Cat: We just learned that our cat has diabetes. The veterinarian explained the disease, showed us how to inject insulin, and described how to test blood sugar levels at home.

We feel overwhelmed and wonder if there’s a good online resource to help us. We really just need to review everything she told us in bite-sized chunks of information.

Christopher Responds: VeterinaryPartner.com is an outstanding resource for pet care information. You can trust the website’s content, because it is written by animal doctors associated with the Veterinary Information Network, the world’s largest online veterinary community.

At the top of the VeterinaryPartner.com home page, enter the term “diabetes” in the search box. Click on the first entry, Diabetes Mellitus Center. Read the overview on diabetes, and then click the links on the right to read related articles.

The Insulin Administration in Cats article contains helpful photos and videos. The articles on Monitoring Glucose Regulation and Home Testing of Blood Glucose for Diabetic Cats also offer instructional videos.

After you read the Veterinary Partner articles, you’ll feel more confident talking with your veterinarian about your cat’s care.