Dear Christopher Cat:  The veterinarian told us to apply Paradyne to our indoor kittens’ skin to prevent heartworms, fleas, intestinal parasites and ear mites. Unfortunately, the kittens hate it. We wonder if it’s really necessary since we didn’t use it on any of our previous cats.

Christopher Responds: Paradyne is identical to Revolution, which protects the cats in my family from the parasites you mention.

Heartworms cause serious respiratory disease in cats, and the drugs that kill heartworms in dogs are toxic to cats. So prevention is essential.

In addition, Paradyne and Revolution kill roundworms and hookworms, intestinal parasites that also can infect humans, where they cause considerable harm. Fleas are not just a nuisance but also can transmit diseases to cats and humans.

Because all these parasites can infect cats that live exclusively indoors, it’s important to find a way to prevent them that your cats accept.

You can try applying the Paradyne while your kittens are eating some tasty canned food, as our mom does. Or you can choose another product.

Advantage Multi, which contains different active ingredients, also prevents heartworm disease and kills roundworms, hookworms, fleas and ear mites. It’s applied to the skin monthly, and it may be less objectionable to your cats.

If they don’t like it, consider Interceptor or HeartGard for Cats, chewable tablets given monthly to prevent heartworm infection and kill roundworms and hookworms.